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Women at the heart of cyber security

05 January 2023

As we can see through multiple studies, there is a flagrant imbalance in the number of women in IT professions.

This problem is not localized, it concerns the IT sector all over the world. This disparity is unfortunately even more marked in the field of cyber security.

As a cyber security actor, it is therefore up to us to take action to reduce this imbalance. Together with Approach/EYRApproach, we are setting up the internal initiative ‘Women in Cyber’ with the aim of encouraging more women to join this growing sector.

We want to deconstruct a profession often decreed as masculine. In this article, you will find the testimony of our employees who shared their experience, as well as the reasons why they became interested in cyber security, as well as in IT.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let us introduce you to our 3 collaborators:

  • Mélissa Hermeline – Cyber security support specialist in the Blue Team within the EYRApproach SOC. Through her parents, Mélissa had a familiarity with the computer world. But it was cyber security that sparked her passion for this field.
  • Samraa Al Zubi – Senior Ethical Hacker and Red Teamer within the Approach SOC. Passionate about hacking, Samraa has chosen to make it her job and to do it in an ethical way to help others.
  • Laura Gonzalez Priede – Consultant in GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance). Thanks to a general interest in cyberspace, Laura decided to devote herself to this field.

Cyber security, a profession of the future


The growing importance given to cyber security is reflected in the number of university programs now dedicated to this sector. We are seeing a multitude of new courses appear, directly or indirectly related to cyber security.

Ideal for those who choose this profession from an early age. University courses are however not the only way to access the profession. It is possible to train yourself or even to reconvert later in your career.

Three very different paths led to our 3 colleagues being here today.

Samraa, a member of the Approach SOC team, discovered her passion for cyber security through her studies in Computer Science. Security being part of her curriculum, she was able to quickly discover her passion for this industry. Taken by the subject, Samraa will reorient herself professionally by obtaining her Master's degree in cyber security.

After studying international law, Laura discovered an interest in cyber security and decided to get into it. By combining training and self-learning, Laura will prepare to start a career in cyber security.

Mélissa chose cyber security after starting a general degree in computer science. She was attracted by the challenges of the field, as well as its technical aspects and the diversity of tasks.


A male environment, how do you find your place as a woman?


With on average only 20% of women in the sector, we can indeed speak of a predominantly male environment.

This disparity could be explained by a lack of female interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) vocations from an early age.

However, we can see, through the testimonies of our collaborators, that it is a dynamic environment, changing and full of opportunities for everyone.

On a daily basis, this imbalance is not felt by any of our colleagues. Despite their different backgrounds and fields of activity, the answer remains the same: the one and only important characteristic is expertise.

Male or female, the only factor that matters is the ability to do your job efficiently and professionally.

All see the need and interest in encouraging more women to join this environment. As Samraa puts it: “Adding diversity in any area will give more dimensions to solve existing problems, create new solutions and take them forward to thrive. »

In addition, a growing number of women in cyber security will also help to fill the shortage of qualified people in this field, an increasingly pressing problem.




Faced with a lack of talent in cyber security, one way to address it is to encourage more women to take an interest in this field.

Through training and support, Approach and EYRApproach want to encourage more women to join this sector. Whether you are at the start of your career, looking for a new opportunity or ready to convert to cyber security, our teams are there to support you and help you achieve it.

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