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Cloud Security

Do you plan to migrate to the Cloud? Are you sure your cloud applications and infrastructure are secure? How can you prove your customer data are protected in the Cloud?

Configuring and securing your cloud-based environments can be a real challenge, especially when you have to prove legal & regulatory compliance. If you have SLA or contractual agreements with your clients, you also need to ensure that your environment is up and running with security in place.

According to Gartner, by 2020, 95% of cloud security issues will be the result of misconfigurations. But how can you avoid these misconfigurations?

Our solutions


We offer effective and pragmatic solutions to misconfiguration challenges as well as to improve the security of your cloud environments.

  • Compliance Cloud Risk Assessment
    Based on best practices from the Cloud Security Alliance and ISO 27000 standard series, we assess the security posture and compliance (such as GDPR) of your cloud environments.
  • Microsoft Cloud Technical Security Assessment
    We assess the security of your cloud, based on the best practices of CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks. Our assessment covers the following areas for Microsoft 365 and Azure:
    • Identity and access management
    • Security misconfigurations
    • Security operation management
    • Secure data and applications
    • Platform protection
  • Cloud Security Technical Implementation
    We advise on and deliver projects to migrate and secure your cloud environments. We perform remediation of misconfigurations and we evaluate the implementation of additional security tools built in Azure.

Securing cloud environments brings many benefits to businesses:


  • Get a clear view of your security posture.
  • Ensure legal & regulatory compliance.
  • Enhance the protection of your cloud environments and data and minimise your risks:
    • Reduce your attack surface;
    • Implement a clear dashboard of your security and policies;
    • Monitor the threats and be alerted if misconfigurations appear;
    • Encrypt data with your personal encryption key;
    • Simplify access with SSO along with strong authentication (multifactor).

Why partner with Approach?

Approach, a pure player in cyber security, is a Microsoft Cloud Security Gold Partner. Our security experts are AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud certified professionals. You can count on our real field expertise to help you build trust for your cloud-based business.

Approach works with secure clouds on a daily basis: secure development apps in the cloud, etc., and its internal projects (our internal infrastructure and services are based on Azure and developed by our secure development team).

We cover all aspects of the cyber security chain thanks to our versatile expertise in GRC (ISO 27001, GDPR, NIS, etc.), Application Security, Digital Identity, Secure Software Factories, etc.

Approach, your cyber security partner

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