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Data Security Engineer/Advisor

Your role


We are looking for Data Security Engineer/Advisor to integrate our Privacy & Data Governance BU. 
The current business dynamics are unprecedented for this department, which is multiplying ambitious projects all over Belgium. In other words, Approach is one of a major player in Data Protection and Data Governance and is quickly evolving. 
In large, complex infrastructures, unstructured data is increasingly being overlooked by security tools and represents a significant risk of data breach, sometimes of a confidential, critical or personal nature.  
Approach's ambition is to support its clients in securing and organizing their data. To achieve this, we have developed a strong partnership with Varonis, Microsoft and Micro Focus, which offers a set of data-centric security tools that we deploy on our clients' data security projects.

We are therefore actively looking for people who have the ambition to participate in the development of the data protection department at Approach, while helping our clients to become mature and up-to-date in terms of data security.
You will join a team with all levels of seniority. You will integrate your field of action within a more global cybersecurity approach, including a SOC. Therefore, you could rely on the knowledge of your expert colleagues. 

You will: 

  • Manage Data security platforms and tools suite’s implementation.  
    • Organize clients’ meetings to analyze their needs
    • Help them to technically set up the tool
    • Follow the tool’s maintenance
    • Post-implementation, analyze security logs or non-standard movements and investigate them
  • Participate in the development of data security risk assessments
  • Animate training sessions about data security to a technical and non-technical audience 
  • Help your client advise and manage their data security
    • Help system engineers to define access rights and configurations
    • Accompany your clients through data security breaches situations
    • Participate in meetings to advise your clients

Depending on your career expectations, this role can evolve to a more strategical and holistic role in data security. 

Your profile

You have :

  • A technical expertise in system/network engineering:
    • Windows and Unix operating systems, Wind
    • Active Directory, LDAP, 
    • Network protocols,
    • Scripting languages (PowerShell, …)
  • A good understanding of data security and governance principles:
    • Knowledge of data classification, access control, auditing, and compliance regulations.
  • English, French and/or Dutch is a must have. Bilingual (FR/NL) is a plus.

Considered as a plus: 

  • A first knowledge of Varonis, Microsoft or Micro Focus products and services


We asked Sébastien, your future colleague, to describe the perfect candidate. Here are some personality traits that he highlighted:   

1.    Continuous learning: You should be willing to continuously learn and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, technologies, and best practices.
2.    Problem-solving skills: You should have strong problem-solving skills to identify issues with Varonis installations and find solutions to address them.
3.    Time management: You should be able to manage your time effectively and prioritize tasks to ensure that Varonis installations are completed on time and within budget.
4.    Project management skills: You should have experience managing complex projects, including planning, implementation, and post-implementation activities.
5.    Adaptability: You should be adaptable to changes in technology, processes, and business requirements, and be able to adjust your approach accordingly.
6.    Collaboration: You should be able to work well with others and collaborate effectively with stakeholders, including IT teams, business users, and management.
7.    Communication: You should have excellent communication skills to convey technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders and to collaborate effectively with team members. 
8.    Leadership: You should have leadership qualities to guide and motivate team members and to ensure that Varonis projects are completed successfully.



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