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Microsoft 365 Security

Your data needs safeguarding whether you have a basic or premium Office or Microsoft 365 licence 


The fast and recent adoption of home working drastically boosted the usage of cloud collaborative platforms such as Office 365 and the usage of personal devices (BYOD: bring your own device).
Hackers and cyber criminals are exploiting all the potential weaknesses to access your critical information, and your collaborative platform or mobile devices can be one of them.

When it comes to Office and Microsoft 365, there are two common situations exposing your company to cyber threats and data breaches:

  • The constant evolution of Microsoft licensing models makes it complex and difficult for an organisation to select and get assurance that their subscription covers the most appropriate and cost-efficient security measures to address their business needs and perimeter.
  • You have a licensing subscription including security controls, however they have either been badly or are insufficiently set up to protect, detect and respond against suspicious behaviours.

Our Solutions


Whether you have a basic or premium licence, your data needs safeguarding.

The necessary level of protection will be defined based on your resources and potential exposure to risk.

To optimise your security set-up, we offer a 4-step solution:  

  • Assess your existing Office 365 & Microsoft security posture environment, create an action plan and advise on the most efficient and optimized licensing model based upon your need and risks. To ensure the best result, we work with our partner, QS Solutions’ CSAT tool.
  • Fast and efficient correction of your weaknesses for optimal protection. To complete this step, it is necessary to first do the assessment of your current security posture.
  • Increase the protection level of your Office 365 environment by pro-actively monitoring, detecting and responding to suspicious behaviours that can’t be identified by your existing security measures. With Vectra plug-in, an artificial intelligence for behavioural analysis, you can detect suspicious activity quicker to reduce the negative impact. 
  • Externalise and delegate the management of your Office or Microsoft 365 to a team of cybersecurity experts and leverage all the benefits from the 3 first solutions. This will provide you a guarantee that your cyber security risks are continuously managed and that you get the most benefit of all Cyber Security and Data protection of your Office (O) or Microsoft (M) 365 license-based model with adequate service levels for an on-premises or office workplace.

Why Approach?


   Your benefits:

  • Maximised security tailored to your needs and budget. No unnecessary expense. 
  • Protection of your critical data 
  • Fast action plan to secure your Microsoft environment from potential threats and data breaches -  If any risks are detected
  • Fully managed and continuous protection by outsourcing the security management to our specialists

    Our strengths:

  • A team of 80+ experts with over 20 years of expertise in cyber security will make sure everything is secure.
  • As well as our know-how in cyber security, and our 360° solution offering, we carefully select partners to provide the best solutions and support our customers in their security endeavours.  
  • We use QS Solutions’ CSAT tool to complete a thorough assessment of your current security posture. It helps us to identify any breaches or shortcomings and then work to fix them.
  • We also work with Vectra, a leader in Network Detect & Respond (NDR), to provide your Office 365 environment with the necessary tools to quickly detect vulnerabilities and swiftly respond to any attacks.  

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