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Approach joins the CyberPeace Builders’ initiative to protect NGOs from cyber threats

09 December 2021

CyberPeace Builders, an international initiative launched in October 2021 by the CyberPeace Institute based in Geneva, has as main objective to protect NGOs from cyber threats by offering them free cyber security services from recognised companies.

“We are privileged to have a large team of cyber security and privacy enthusiastic professionals and we are convinced that we can contribute positively. We are very pleased to join the initiative.” explains David Vanderoost, CEO of Approach.

“We are pleased to welcome Approach into our community. Their 20 years of expertise and 360° range of services and solutions make them a great addition to the Builders community. Together, we will be able to provide NGOs with the support they need to improve their cyber resilience” stated Adrien Ogée, Chief Operating Officer, CyberPeace Institute.

We also invite all NGOs to get in contact with the association to get help with their security challenges.

How does it work for an NGO?

The missions concern anything from pre-incident to post-incident support and covers non-technical expertise too. Everything from vulnerability scans and assessments to recovery after an attack can be offered to NGOs in need. It’s an easy process:

  1. NGOs send their request to
  2. The institute validates the request and puts NGOs in contact with volunteers
  3. Once a volunteer has been paired with an NGO, the work can begin.

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