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Approach is now a triple Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner

02 June 2022

Approach is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner. Previously, already a Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and Silver for Application Development. We are now a Microsoft Gold Partner for:

  • Cloud Platform: deploying, migrating and maintaining cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure, helping customers make use of secure, scalable and reliable solutions.
  • Application Development: designing, developing and monitoring cloud and web-based applications for customers in Azure or Microsoft 365.
  • Application Integration: integrating applications and data to increase efficiency and drive business results
Why become a Microsoft Gold Partner? 

As the highest level of the Microsoft Partners Network hierarchy, becoming a Gold Partner is about more than simply showing our achievements and unlocking new business opportunities. 

The certification demonstrates our commitment to provide our customers with high-quality solutions related to Microsoft products and services. It allows us to provide the highest level of care and support when delivering our solutions. 

How to become a Microsoft Gold Partner? 

To achieve the Gold Partner status, there are multiple criteria including a minimum number of individuals within the company being certified in one of the corresponding fields. 

To become a Gold Partner, members of our Secure Development Team passed the ‘Azure Developer Associate’ certification thereby demonstrating their abilities to design, build, test and maintain cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure. 

Find out more about the Microsoft Partner Network.

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