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Approach is recruiting at the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium!

01 February 2021

During this 2021 edition, we will be looking for the next generation of cybersecurity experts to join our team.


In an ever more digitalised world, cybersecurity is a business priority. We face new threats every day and we need to find new ways to prevent, protect and respond to them. To achieve our mission, we need the brightest minds in our team!

That is why during the Cyber Security Challenge, our ethical hacking team will be keeping an eye on the competition to see who has what it takes and who could become our future colleague! Our ambition is to recruit the 5 most talented / innovative / passionate cybersecurity challengers.  

Why join Approach?

Our strength comes from our people. We work hard to ensure that they feel valued and can achieve their full potential in a trustful environment.

As well as your salary package with extra-legal benefits, we can offer you:

  • A position within a leading, fast-growing company
  • Challenging and versatile missions at customers
  • A growth path based on your own interests and skillset
  • A close coaching and a chance for personal and professional development through certifications and trainings
  • A pleasant and fun work environment and inspiring teamwork

Do you want to know more about us?

What are we looking for?

Our ambition is to recruit the best candidates from the Cyber Security Challenge to join us as junior cybersecurity consultants. 

For a junior position, we are not looking for experience, we praise qualities such as creativity, innovation, and flexibility.

During the contest, we will be looking for:

  • Problem solvers: faced with an issue, you can think outside of the box to come up with a solution
  • Quick thinkers: you can think on your feet and react quickly
  • Team players: you are an asset on your own, but you thrive as part of a team

Once the challenge is over, we will reach out to the candidates who caught our attention to set up an introductory meeting and discuss their future with us.

Let's connect, send us your CV


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