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Autopsy of a cyber-attack: how to avoid a disaster?

Webinar Replays
02 November 2021

Together with our partner Wilink, Belgium’s leading independent insurance broker, we hosted a 30-minute webinar dedicated to SMBs: ‘Autopsy of a cyber-attack: how to avoid a disaster?’.

To help SMBs better understand cyber-attacks and prepare to face them, we answer the following questions during the webinar:

  • What are the most common attack vectors and vulnerabilities?
  • Who are the cyber criminals?
  • How do they carry out an attack?
  • What are the consequences of an attack on a business and its clients?
  • What advice to avoid or minimise the impact of such an attack?
  • What cyber insurance solutions exist? Under what conditions?

Watch the French replay   Watch the Dutch replay

Why should SMBs be concerned by cyber risks?

On average, it takes a cyber criminal around 50 days to launch an attack and cause severe damage and anywhere between a 100 and 200 days for a company to detect the intrusion without strong detection capabilities.

These numbers make it alarmingly clear that early detection is a crucial part of a robust cyber security strategy. Traditional solutions, like firewalls, VPN and antivirus software, are no longer enough; proactive solutions have become a necessity.

As well as advanced technological solutions, creating a cyber security culture is necessary to improve your detection capabilities.

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