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Hackable Intelligence Revisited

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18 January 2023

Machine Learning (ML), a subfiled of Artificial Intelligence (AI), deals with the design and development of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. As it becomes more prevalent, it is inevitably becoming a new target of attack. 

As we explore some of the most common attack types against machine learning, discover where your risks lie and if machine learning solutions are the right fit for your business.

In this whitepaper, our ethical hacker, Samraa Al Zubi takes a closer look at:

  • Potential attacks against machine learning solutions
  • Proper use cases for these solutions
  • Regulations that will govern the use of AI and machine learning
  • How to assess your security and which tools and defences are most efficient

Artificial Intelligence has great potential to solve some pressing issues, we should therefore prepare to defend it and make sure it doesn't become a greater threat to security.

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