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How to detect and respond to cyber threats?

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31 May 2021

"It is no longer a question of if but when cyber threats will strike against you. Nowadays, the time before intrusion detection - without appropriate tools and expertise - is over 100 days. In that time, a hacker’s actions can generate disastrous consequences."

Approach & Hacknowledge have partnered to offer Belgian organisations a local, scalable and robust Managed Detection and Response solution.  On May 27th, we hosted a one-hour webinar to introduce our tailored solution to efficiently manage your cyber security operations.

WATCH the replay of our webinar 

Is your organisation protected from cyber threats? You need to ask yourself:

  • Do you have the capability to effectively monitor your IT environment for potential threats?
  • Do you know what to look for and where to find it?
  • Does your team spend more time on real alerts vs false positives?
  • Are you sure you aren't already compromised?
  • Is your team capable of responding to real attacks?
  • Are you making the best use of your existing detection capabilities?

If you answer no to at least one of these questions, our Managed Detection and Response solution can answer your cyber security needs

Protect your organisation from unwanted intrusions.
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