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ISO 27001 Lead Implementer Trainings - Choose your best option!

07 January 2021

ISO 27001 Lead Implementer: how to choose the best training to get certified?

Several options with various prices exist to get trained and certified ISO 27001 Lead implementer, but how to choose the best one and optimize your chance to get certified?

To help you make the most pragmatic decision based on your urgency, needs, budget and availabilities, we have gathered the different training options - recognised by PECB - below: 

  • Option 1: Do It Yourself (pdf or e-learning)
  • Option 2: Do It Yourself and 4-hour Q&A session with one certified expert
  • Option 3: Classroom certification training
Do It Yourself 

The most flexible and low-cost offer. You receive the course, and you can then study the program at your own pace and when you are ready, you can pass the exam to get your certification.

There are two possibilities:

  • Self-study: you access a platform to download your course and begin your journey. 
  • E-learning: you access an online platform where the training course is broken down into pre-recorded video sections

The downsides:

  • No certified professional to provide insights and answer your questions
  • Could get delayed due to other priorities
Do It Yourself with our support 

A compromise for the ones searching for more flexibility with some best practices sharing. You receive the course to study at your own pace.

When you are ready, you can book a 4-hour Q&A session with one of our certified ISO Lead Implementer trainers. This will give you the opportunity to ask an expert all your questions before taking the exam and share some good practices when you will need to implement the methodology within your company.

The downsides:

  • No networking and sharing with other students
  • Could get delayed due to other priorities
5-day classroom training and certification

The most complete offer and in-depth learning experience. An in-person training course with a certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementer. Throughout the 5 days, your trainer goes through the full course with you, providing you with insights as you go.

This training guarantees:

  • The most pragmatic advice to meet your organisation's needs to face a growing cyber threat
  • A higher and faster chance of getting certified – exam is on the 5th day
  • All our students have achieved their certifications by following the course

The downsides: 

  • You need to schedule 5 days for the course
  • The cost compared to the other solutions
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