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Web Application Firewalls: where do we stand?

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13 March 2019

Following the Open Forum about Web Application Firewalls,  Approach has been invited by ISACA Belgium to write a technical briefing and give some clarifications and highlights about the WAF technology.

"With the right methodology, organisations can be protected almost 95% of the time against zero-day exploits without having to deploy a new security rule on a WAF.  This is not only true for government or finance-related applications, but also for start-up SaaS ones".
Marc Stern, our expert in WAF implementation since 2001.

Download the Tech Brief and get answers to the following key questions:

  • Do I really need a WAF?  
  • Isn't it better to invest in securing the development of my application instead of investing in a WAF? 
  • If I have a WAF, am I safe? 
  • What solutions are available? 
  • How many WAFs do I need?  
  • What methodologies exist to configure a WAF?   
  • How to succeed in a WAF project?

"We have drawn on our in-depth cyber security expertise and methodology to develop an innovative and unique WAF that provides proven effective security at limited license cost."

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