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Electronic Signatures

Increased contract speed and onboarding, seamless user experience, enhanced security, lower administrative burden… e-signature solutions can provide many benefits to businesses.

The main challenge is to select the right e-signature solution that can guarantee a seamless user experience, but without compromising on security and compliance, at an affordable price.

So what’s the best way to make the right choice and optimise your investment?  Screening the market of the various suppliers of e-signature services, and understanding all the benefits, costs and legal consequences of these solutions, is impractical. A far better solution is to rely on true experts who can guide you through the process of selecting the right e-signature solution and ensure a successful implementation.

Our solutions

Our objective is to guarantee the best outcome from e-signatures and to improve the efficiency of your e-signatures tool without compromising on security, compliance and user experience!  Approach can assist you with the selection and adoption of a digital signature solution:

  • Requirements definition phase:
    Analysis of your business requirements, business flows, legal & compliance aspects, architecture and impact on user experience.
  • E-signature solution selection:
    Assistance in the selection process: RFI/RFP, vendor assessment and final selection advisory.
  • E-signature solution implementation:
    • Security policies
    • Design
    • Configuration and custom development
    • Integration
    • Testing
    • Change Management (user adoption, training)
    • Project management

E-signature solutions offer many benefits to businesses:


  • Increased contract speed: people can sign a document as soon as they are notified by e-mail.
  • Higher completion rate of onboarding paperwork.
  • Increased user satisfaction: no more need for someone to move physically to sign a contract, a benefit widely demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Enhanced security: less worry about security, since paper can easily be tampered with.
  • Lower administrative burden: automated processes with electronic signature, potentially saving you hundreds of hours per year.

Why partner with Approach?

We bring more than 20 years of experience in digital identity, digital signatures and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which are the underlying technologies that enable the electronic signature services. Right from the start, we have contributed to the development of various national ID schemes and digital signing solutions in Belgium and more widely in Europe (Luxembourg, EU STORK Project, itsme®, etc.).

Moreover, we bring a unique network of experts and suppliers specialised in security and trust services, to make sure we can identify the best solution for your business needs. Approach is also a Certified Partner of Connective, a European leader in digital ID and e-signature solutions, and itsme® the reference in mobile ID and signature solutions.

Finally, designing and implementing a solution around trust services is a task for professionals who always keep security as a main non-functional requirement. That is precisely the strength of Approach consultants.

Approach, your cyber security partner

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