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Identity and Access Management

IAM and the digital challenges

Ensuring that each individual only accesses the resources they need for their job can only be efficiently done with an Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution, which is vital for all organisations.

Today – with applications moving to the cloud, evolving security and privacy regulations and increasing security awareness – organisations are keen to revisit their IAM business processes:

  1. Many organisations want to adopt an IAM solution to better protect access to security, but they don’t really know where to start.
  2. Many organisations need to assess their current IAM solution, which is often home-built.
  3. Others have already concluded that their current IAM solution is no longer sufficient to cope with these new requirements, so they are searching for help to select and integrate a new and more advanced off-the shelf IAM product

Our Solutions

Starting with an assessment – whenever you decide to implement a new IAM solution or improve your existing one – is in our opinion the best ROI (Return On Investment). Our service will help you to get a better view, define the priorities and take the most efficient decisions.

  • Our Assessment Services:
    • Review of IAM policies
    • Analysis of business processes and impact on end-users
    • Risk analysis and definition of security requirements
    • Architecture definition and review
  • IAM solution selection:
    • Assistance in the selection process: RFI/RFP, vendor assessment and final selection advisory.
  • IAM solution implementation:
    • Security policies
    • Design
    • Configuration and custom development
    • Integration
    • Testing
    • Change management (user adoption, training)
    • Project management

Identity and Access Management benefits

  • Increased security: people will only access the resources they need, there is secure on/off-boarding of people joining/ leaving the company, etc.
  • User experience: faster access to applications, self-password management, self-service for access requests, etc.
  • Lower administrative burden and cost reduction: automation to create and delete users, automation to grant access to applications, etc.
  • Transparency and auditability: IAM reporting ready for clean-up and audit purposes.

Why partner with Approach?

Achieving a higher level of security is the main objective of organisations that want to adopt an IAM solution. All phases of the solution integration project must therefore be performed by people who are skilled in security principles (confidentiality, integrity, availability, etc.). These are the precise strengths of our consultants.

Moreover, field experience with IAM projects and concepts is a key success factor in such projects. Approach has a long track record of IAM, where concepts such IAM, CIAM, IGA, PAM, federation (SAML OAuth, OIDC), identity management (password policy, 2FA, smart cards, PKI, mobile identity etc.) and access management (access rights, permissions, roles, etc.) were analysed in depth and implemented at customer locations.

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