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5 psychological hints to build efficient cyber security awareness

Webinar Replays
22 November 2021

During the cyber security awareness month 2021, Emmanuel Nicaise, our human-centric specialist shared 5 tips to start improving your security (during a webinar organised by ADM):

  1. Focus on behaviour: beyond raising awareness, you need to foster safe behaviour.
  2. Set your priorities: you cannot change all behaviours at once, so it is important to prioritise some changes and repeat the message regularly or it won’t be absorbed.
  3. Watch your mouth: when promoting safe behaviour internally, you need to choose your language carefully to create a positive message rather than a negative one.
  4. Context is everything: learning in context will make changing behaviours easier.
  5. Create habits: through the repetition of behaviours, you can create habits which are performed without thinking.

Watch the replay of the webinar

Why Is the human factor so important?

Cybercrime is a very lucrative business and generates an annual revenue of 1.5 trillion dollars worldwide – 3 times more than drug trafficking.  (Source: Atlas VPN)

When considering these numbers, it becomes clear that cyber security is an unavoidable necessity for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Businesses tend to focus only on the technological side of security and forget about the people. Yet 85% of all breaches involve a human element.

Knowing this it becomes clear that a human-centric approach is key to ensuring a robust cyber security strategy.

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