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Pentest Report 2022 – Discover the Top 10 API vulnerabilities

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31 May 2022

After a successful first edition of our ‘Annual Pentest Report’, we are back this year with our second! 

In this edition, we are focusing on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) vulnerabilities. 

Together, our ethical hackers and our developers are sharing their recommendations and advice for enterprises to improve the security posture of their application and implement best practice in the development lifecycle. 


  • Why broken access control vulnerabilities are on the rise
  • What expert advice our Secure Development team has to offer to your developers
  • How implementing periodic pentests can improve your security and optimise the return on your security investment

Why should you consider pentesting your APIs? 

As the implementation of APIs in the digital world continues to skyrocket, they are rapidly becoming a potential new attack vector for malicious actors. 

So much so, that the OWASP has developed a separate classification just for API vulnerabilities. 

It is important to properly test and secure your APIs to reduce your risk level and minimise the chances of a successful cyber-attack. 

Furthermore, a single pentest is not enough to mitigate the risks. You need to integrate them into your secure development process and repeat over time for the best results. 

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