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Pioneering Change: Women at the forefront of cybersecurity

05 March 2024

In the dynamic field of cybersecurity, innovation thrives on diversity. At Approach Cyber, we are proud to spotlight three phenomenal leaders who embody this principle and are driving both technological advancement and cultural change in our industry. Their expertise challenges the stereotype that cybersecurity is a male-dominated field and demonstrates the indispensable role women play in shaping the future of technology.

Jorien Decroos, Head of Security Strategy and Advisory

Steering our practice, Jorien plays a pivotal role in shaping the security landscape. Her expertise in implementing robust security frameworks not only guards against evolving threats but also spreads new standards in the industry. Her leadership exemplifies how strategic thinking and a diverse perspective are crucial to innovative security solutions.

Florence Steenackers, Head of Privacy and Data Governance

At a time when data privacy has become paramount, Florence is leading the way in ensuring that our customers not only comply with global standards, but also pioneer new approaches to data governance. Her commitment to privacy and governance reinforces the critical importance of trust and integrity in our digital age.

Sarah Boulanger, HR Manager

Spearheading our efforts to build a diverse and inclusive workplace, Sarah is at the heart of our culture. Her initiatives in talent development and sustainability are vital to fostering an environment where diverse talents converge to innovate and solve challenges creatively.

At Approach Cyber, we believe that embracing diversity enriches our insights, solutions, and resilience. The outstanding contributions of Jorien, Florence, and Sarah not only drive our success but also inspire a more inclusive and equitable future in technology. Their achievements demonstrate that excellence in cybersecurity and beyond is defined by skill, dedication, and visionary leadership, that transcends gender boundaries.

Let's celebrate these leaders and continue our commitment to breaking barriers and cultivating diversity in cybersecurity and all fields of technology.

We also want to acknowledge the many other women in our team. Each one plays a pivotal role, helping us innovate and promote equality and diversity. Together, their efforts drive us forward, showing how every contribution matters.

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