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Securing the future: digital sovereignty and cyber security challenges

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24 January 2024

Quentin Randaxhe, Information Security Consultant and Country Manager at Approach Cyber, offers invaluable insights into the ever-changing landscape of cyber security, outlining critical challenges and opportunities for individuals and businesses during an interview with Alp ICT.


Digital Sovereignty: An Urgent Imperative


In today's tech-driven world, which relies heavily on American products and infrastructure, the need for digital sovereignty has become increasingly important. To secure data within national borders, Randaxhe emphasises the need for proactive regulatory measures. Swift action is needed to define digital sovereignty strategies that imply significant investment in both infrastructure and regulatory frameworks.


Proactive defence against evolving threats


Current cyber threats, such as the MalasLocker activist group targeting financial institutions with ransom demands, highlight the urgency of proactive defence strategies. The group's unique approach of redirecting ransom payments to climate change organisations raises ethical and legal questions. Organisations need to prepare for new scenarios and take concrete steps to protect their information systems.


Empowerment through cyber security education


Randaxhe addresses digital dependency by advocating a proactive stance on cyber security education. He encourages individuals, especially women, to explore careers in cyber security and highlights the exciting opportunities in the sector. With a shortage of professionals, the importance of moving away from fear-based narratives to practical discussions about cyber security measures becomes clear.


Cyber security awareness resources


To increase cyber security awareness, Randaxhe recommends exploring resources from the Swiss National Cybersecurity Centre, Trust Valley and podcasts such as "NoLimitSecu" and "La Cybersécurité Racontée à Ma Grand-Mère". He also recommends the book "Off" by Philippe Morin and Professor Ghernaouti, which offers a fictional yet realistic exploration of the consequences of a cyber-attack.


Looking Ahead: Digital sovereignty and successful cloud migration


Finally, Randaxhe highlights the urgency of defining digital sovereignty strategies. He stresses the need for Switzerland to invest in infrastructure and set a clear direction.

In conclusion, Quentin Randaxhe's insights provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges in the evolving cyber security landscape and offer practical advice for individuals, businesses and policymakers to face the challenges both present and future.

Check out the interview (in French only) here.

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