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Secure Back-ups

How trustworthy are your back-ups?


Having a back-up system in place provides businesses with a great sense of resiliency even though it isn’t an actual guarantee that you will recover all of your data after an incident (cyber or not).

To determine how secure your back-ups truly are, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Did you define a back-up and recovery strategy?
  • What tier-level does your data and your business require for hosting?
  • Are you frequently testing your back-ups?
  • Do they follow the magic “3-2-1" rule?  
  • Do you have an air-gap back-up making sure one copy is immutable?  
  • Are they protected against unwanted intrusions such as malware, ransomware?
  • Are they compliant with GDPR?

In the case of a business disruption, your back-ups are crucial to get your operations up and running again. They play a pivotal role in your recovery strategy, so you need to ensure they are secure and readily available when the time comes.  

Why now more than ever?  


With a constant rise in ransomware attacks, the risk that your back-ups could be compromised and no longer able to be fully restored is growing. Are you sure that no unwanted intrusion is weakening your back-ups?  

Businesses often outsource their back-up needs to a trusted external provider and no longer feel concerned about the security of their data. However, it is your organisation’s responsibility to keep your data secure; you need to be aware of how your information is treated, what the SLAs are, what tier their datacentres are, …

With the use of business-critical applications Saas or Cloud, you think your data is safe but are you sure you will be able to retrieve it in case of an incident?

Your benefits


With our secure back-up solutions, you are guaranteed:

  • Your data is encrypted and secure against unwanted intrusions
  • All your data will be restored in case of incident within the expected timing
  • Your back-ups are treated in compliance with laws and regulations
  • Your business won’t be disrupted

Why choose us?

  • Your data is stored in highly secure European and Swiss Fort Knox Datacentres
  • Our Security Operations Centre monitors the security of your back-ups 24x7
  • You can rely on our Security Analysts in case of an attack or incident
  • Our cyber security and privacy experts are on hand to support you  
  • Approach is ISO27001 certified  

Approach, your cyber security partner

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