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Phishing Simulation Tests

How vulnerable are your people to phishing?


Phishing is typically the 1st step of a successful cyber-attack, the easiest and fastest strategy with the biggest impact. But what is it? Phishing is an attempt to fraudulently acquire sensitive information or data by impersonating a trustworthy entity via emails, phone calls, SMS, …

Why is a phishing attempt so successful?
Hackers use psychological tricks to create a sense of urgency, of pressure which leads people to react quickly and click without assessing the situation. Untrained organisations have more than 40% chance of falling prey to these types of attack.


Why now more than ever?

We are seeing a rapid increase in the number of successful attacks. As security technologies are blocking a high number of attacks, humans become the target of choice.
Environment has a direct impact on the workers’ vigilance and with remote working, distance impairs the reaction time and communication with the IT.
Moreover, the attacks are becoming more performant and targeted.

Your benefits

With our phishing tests, you can now evaluate and increase your teams’ readiness to face these types of attacks:

  • Quickly identify your vulnerability to phishing campaigns through simulated attacks
  • Detailed reports providing clear results, KPIs and recommendations to grow the security awareness within your organisation
  • Benchmarking allows you to assess your situation in comparison to companies of a similar size or sector

And if you have already conducted such an assessment, we can support your team by taking them to the next level with our security awareness training. Be prepared, no matter the circumstances.

Why choose us?

  • Tests performed in realistic conditions with best-in-class tools to ensure an accurate overview of your security posture.
  • We tailor our phishing tests to your company culture and environment.
  • Unique expertise combining cyber security and human behaviour: our security awareness team is composed of ethical hackers, psychologists and teachers. Our experts speak the tone of voice of your teams to get more results
  • Comprehensive approach considering people, processes and technologies

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