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Secure SDLC & DevSecOps

When to integrate security into your software development lifecycle?


Despite the number of cyber-attacks on applications, too many developer teams still don’t integrate security into the early stages of the development life cycle.

By waiting until the app is ready for release before testing its security, you risk higher costs and long delays to correct any detected vulnerabilities. According to the NIST, fixing an issue found in production has a cost up to 60x times higher than if you fix it directly when coding.

To maximise your efficiency and reduce your risks, we can help you integrate security at every step of the process. It is important to not only shift-left – and include it in the early phases of development – but you should also consider stretching right thereby securing the deployment and maintenance phases of your process too.


Why now more than ever?

  • Applications are one of the most privileged targets for hackers with more than 50% of all software carrying critical vulnerabilities. Learn more in our pentest report.
  • Tools can help you automate some security processes thereby optimising your investment.
  • The market demand for more secure and trusted applications continues to grow.
  • Regulations for data safety are becoming more constraining than ever.

Your benefits

  • Reduce your costs and maximise your ROI 
  • Secure your applications and reduce your risks
  • Improve your code quality
  • Quicker time to market
  • Answer regulatory demands for data privacy and security 

Why choose us?

  • Your ideal partner to enhance your DevOps practices towards efficient DevSecOps.
  • Benefit from our expertise to increase your maturity level in secure development. 
  • We have a pragmatic approach to security without compromising on user experience and business emergencies.
  • 20 years expertise in cyber with a pool of expertise to challenge and support you throughout the development life cycle.
  • Our unique experience developing highly secure software for banking, FinTech, digital identity and HR management applications. 

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