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Threat Intelligence
Knowing your enemy is an essential element for an optimal cyber defence strategy.

The cyber threat landscape evolves continuously, and adversaries constantly look for ways to hit you, creating devastating damages or stealing your information.

These constant changes are influencing your cyber risks on a regular basis, which may also require your organisation to take quick preventing countermeasures against new cyber-attacks.

On the other hand, keeping an ongoing look on this evolution requires a lot of time and effort, and should be conducted by knowledgeable people.

Do you have the capabilities to:

  • Know at any time who’s targeting you and why?
  • Get continuous understanding of the available information adversaries will use to hit you?
  • Determine your attack surface and how it evolves?
  • Anticipate attacks before they succeed?

A comprehensive cyber security strategy requires the implementation of techniques and technology to proactively reduce this cyber risk and stop threats fast!

Threat intelligence is a capability that allows you to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks.  It helps you make informed and pro-active decisions about your security and act before it is too late.

Your benefits
  • Stay ahead of threats of all kinds and reduce cyber risks
  • Empower your cyber defence strategy with intelligent insight on threat actors targeting you, their techniques, and tactics
  • Enable quick actionable steps in order to mitigate the risk of an upcoming cyber-attack
  • Cost transparency and scalability thanks to our end to end fully managed solution  
  • Combined with MDR services, you get the best protection available against new threats

Our solutions

The mission of our Threat Intelligence solution – operated from our SOC – is to gather information on threat activities, providing insight and situational awareness on your specific cyber risk profile.

It provides optimal protection when combined with a Managed Detection and Response solution.

When subscribing to our threat intelligence service, you will get:

  • Regular updates on activities happening on the internet and dark web that may have an impact on your cyber security along with recommended actions. Should something noticeable occur and require immediate action, you will be notified.
  • Periodic scans of your environment looking for potential information and vulnerabilities that could be exploited.
  • Discussions with our experts about trends and changes in the threat landscape, that may impact your organisation specifically, and recommendations.

More questions, consult our SOC FAQ

Why choose us?
  • Our human intelligence built on 20 years of experience is combined with state-of-the art technology to provide the most effective service and fastest reaction time.
  • Our local SOC team draws from their field expertise and knowledge to provide the best technological watch.
  • A performant, affordable and scalable solution tailored to your existing infrastructure whether in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Our ISO 27001 certification ensures your data is shared in the strictest confidentiality.
  • Our 360° approach to cyber security and our proven governance capabilities enable us to adopt a risk-based approach.

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