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CISO Services

How to drive your cyber security when you don’t have the proper resources? 


Cyber security is a vast matter which requires a leader to drive your cyber security / privacy journey forward:

  1. Need for strategic advice and governance to assess your posture and risks, define a security strategy and monitor its execution.
  2. Need for project management to develop and implement your security and compliance programs, policies and processes following norms and best practices (such as NIST, ISO 27001 or 27701) or processes.
  3. Need for day-to-day support to cope with specific needs, clients’ questions, security incidents and regulatory issues. 

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) can drive your cyber security strategy and needs, and an internal full-time person is not always the most suited solution for organisations:

  • A full-time experienced CISO may not be required and can be too expensive for an SMB.
  • With the current labour market, finding a skilled person to take on this role is challenging and can take some time.
  • In a quickly evolving threat landscape, it is difficult to maintain the skills of an internal CISO.

Why now more than ever? 

  • Cyber threats in a digital environment: when facing an increase in cyber threats, a CISO takes ownership of your Information Security and aims to reduce your risks;
  • The market demand for trusted partners: As security becomes a key criterion when choosing a provider, having a CISO can demonstrate a strong positioning and become a commercial advantage;
  • Need for ISO 27001 certification: Getting certified with the support of a CISO can reduce costs, accelerate the process and avoid the typical pitfalls.

Your benefits


When you choose our CISO services, your benefits include:

  • Improve your security and reduce your risk
  • Reassure your shareholders and stakeholders
  • Access a pool of experienced, specialised cyber security and data privacy professional 
  • Bridging and transition to a full-time CISO when it will be the right moment
  • Reduce your costs by only paying for what you need
  • Increased security awareness levels throughout the organisation

Our solutions


Approach’s CISO services solution is flexible and adaptable to clients large or small and combines expertise with advanced technology:

  • We deliver a CISO ad interim: an Approach expert takes up the CISO function and responsibilities within your organisation. Depending on the complexity of the project, your organisation’s needs and resources; we determine both the length of the mission and the level of seniority needed. 
  • We coach your CISO: Although you may have a CISO, it is difficult to maintain their expertise, especially if they occupy more than one position within your company. Our seasoned CISO will coach your CISO and share best practices to enable them to meet your company’s security needs. 

Why choose us?


When you choose our CISO services, you gain access to all Approach’s experts, services and tools: 

  • We have a robust team of CISOs and Governance, Risk and Compliance experts, with different levels of expertise and certifications (CISM, Data Privacy, ISO 27001, COBIT5, …), supported by security professionals in back office;
  • We have off-the-shelf frameworks, standards, policies, guidelines, registers, checklists, plans, forms, templates, reports, etc. that can be reused and adapted to your environment;
  • We have a set of advanced tools for risk management, incident management, change management and the guidance of initialization;
  • Our CISOs can draw from our 360° portfolio to support your needs;
  • We have a solid customer base in different sectors of activities. 

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