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Cyber Insurance

Will you survive a cyber-attack?


It is a fact; Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are privileged targets for cyber-attacks – probably because their defences are not generally as strong as they should be.

The cost to recover your business after a cyber-attack can rapidly become significant.

Although cyber insurances cannot guarantee full restoration of your reputation and credibility, they can help you to reduce your financial impact.


Why now more than ever?

  • There is a growing risk and the number of SMBs falling victim to hacks and ransomware is increasing. This trend is confirmed by an abundant offer of competitive cyber insurances.
  • As an SMB, you can easily access cyber insurance products tailored to your needs.

Cyber insurances have matured and they now offer policies more adapted to your needs.

    Your benefits

    • Reduce your financial impact and get support to recover your business. The most common policies cover:
      • Incident response & crisis management;
      • Civil liability;
      • Theft and fraud of data;
      • Business interruption;
      • Incident related costs.
    • Easy access to local and certified cyber security experts in case of an incident.

    Our solutions


    Thanks to our 360° approach to cyber security, you can rest assured you will receive proven and tailored support to strengthen your security resilience while considering your resources and business priorities.

    • Firstly, we assess your risks to get a better overview of your vulnerabilities and define the most critical ones to be addressed. We also help you complete the cyber insurance questionnaire. 
    • Secondly, we partner with a broker for cyber insurances who can help you subscribe to a cyber insurance policy if all criteria are met. 
    • Thirdly, in case of a cyber-attack and emergencies, we send our cyber security experts to act quickly and efficiently. This service is available whether you are covered by an insurance or not. Our objective is to limit the impact and support your business recovery as soon as possible.
    • Finally, we can oversee your security from anticipation to recovery, including prevention, protection and detection & response.

    Why choose us?

    • We supplement your insurance coverage with our cyber security expertise.
    • Our partnership with a broker with good expertise in cyber insurance adapted to SMBs.
    • Our capability to help get you up and running after a cyber breach.

    Approach, your cyber security partner

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