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Security Roadmap

Security Roadmap, your first step to stronger cyber security

Cyber threats pose an ever-growing and increasingly potent threat to our online world. Many organisations fear these digital attack vectors, but lack the expertise and skills to counter them.

How should organisations deal with cyber threats in the short and long term? How can they define a practical action plan based on priority, risks and situation – while considering the whole organisation (infrastructure, applications, process, people, etc.)? And how much will it cost to improve their security posture?

Armed with a roadmap, executive managers can forge a clear vision of their organisation’s current and future security posture. They can then define a strategy to meet the cyber security threats and improve resilience to them.

Our solutions

An efficient and multi-layer Security Roadmap – in line with customers’ risk profile, priorities and budget – can be built in two phases:

  1. We provide a consultancy engagement, with a senior and experienced expert team who will discuss with the customer’s key actors in order to:
    • understand and define the security strategy in line with overall business goals;
    • define the customer’s risk appetite and recommended maturity target level;
    • build a clear picture of the current security posture.
  2. Based on the previous analysis, we deliver a security roadmap that comprises these deliverables:
    • Programme organisation;
    • Programme structure (structural overview of the different projects);
    • Project fiches (documents describing objectives, deliverables, budget, and maturity evolution for every project);
    • High-level planning;
    • KPIs evaluation plan (visual presentation of security maturity in line with projects);
    • Estimated budget with allocated resources and competences.

Gain an overview of your security posture and needs

With our Security Roadmap, you can define an efficient cyber security strategy in a month or so. Your benefits include:

  • Delivery of a vision and strategy for tackling cyber threats.
  • Definition of projects based on your business risk and budget priorities.
  • Definition of high-level resource/technology planning.
  • Definition of resources and budget required per project.
  • Setting up a programme board and a senior manager to create accountability, talk to all IT managers and to define all risks.
  • The ability to justify to management all future responses to any cyber threats.

Why Approach?

Approach is a pure player in the cyber security and value chain. Thanks to its consulting experience and deep expertise in security, Approach can deliver practical and effective Security Roadmaps.

After delivering the Security Roadmap, Approach can also support its customers to implement and manage specific projects designed to meet the challenges identified.

Approach, your cyber security partner

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