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Ethical Hacking

Stay ahead of the game with our ethical hacking service.


Strengthen your prevention, detection and response capabilities before hackers strike.

  • Cyber attacks hit everyday and everywhere, no one is safe
  • You don't know when but you need to know where and how they will hit
  • You are under pressure by your stakeholders who ask you for assurances that no vulnerabilities are left open
  • Adoption of cloud services and digitalization of your business processes have increased your attack surface
  • You have to remain protected against supply chain vulnerabilities

Your benefits


  • Reduce your attack surface by performing regular assessments of your IT landscape.
  • Provide assurance to your stakeholders thanks to a recognised certificate of completion.
  • Increase the security awareness of your IT teams with an actionable report.
  • Assess the maturity of your detection and response capabilities with a professional and structured red team exercises.

Why choose us?

  • 20+ years of expertise in technical cyber security assessments of all sorts.
  • Large team of experts covering a broad spectrum of technologies
  • We conduct our tests according to strict rules of engagement and in the utmost confidentiality avoiding any unintended consequences or sensitive data leakage.
  • A comprehensive and actionable report with a debrief session 
  • We are ISO 27001 certified and 27701 verified.  
  • We discover what others don't thanks to in depth testing, including business logic. 
  • Benefit from subsidies to help cover the costs

About our team:

  • Our Ethical Hacking team (10+ FTE’s) is a highly specialized service line that operates within our Security Operations Centre (SOC).
  • In 2022, we completed over 100 ethical hacking projects. We have worked with over 60 clients around the world and have identified over 600 vulnerabilities.
  • We actively participate in bug bounty and capture-the-flag contests. We are also members of several offensive security communities: Be.Hack, BruCon, etc
  • In our approach and methodology, we use international standards such as Tiber-EU, Mitre ATT&CK, CVSS, OSSTMM, PTES, OWASP, NIST, etc
  • Our team members hold internationally recognized certifications including OSCP, OSWP, OSCE, CRTO, CRTP, BSCP, eCPPT, eWAPT, eMAPT, and CEH.

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