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Performing pen tests

Why penetration testing?

On average, websites suffer 22 cyberattack attempts per day. One effective way to protect your online services and applications is to assess their exposure to cyberattacks by simulating a real-world attack.

Performing pentests offers immediate and valuable benefits:

  • save sizeable amounts of money in potential data breaches, losses and frauds;
  • prevent damage to your company's reputation and customer confidence, and avoid business disruptions;
  • convince your customers and partners that your applications and solutions are secure;
  • get your company prepared for an audit or a certification;
  • limit the risk of data breach and ensure your GDPR compliance;

Whether you are a start‑up, a SME or a large company, penetration testing is a wise investment: studies have shown that 43% of cyberattacks now target small businesses.

Our team of experienced ethical hackers can perform in-depth and on-demand penetration tests considering your environment, your resources and your risk exposure.

Approach pen test services cover:

  • Web application penetration testing;
  • Mobile application penetration testing;
  • Infrastructure penetration testing;
  • Network (wired and wireless) penetration testing;
  • Red team attack simulation;
  • Social engineering penetration testing;
  • Embedded devices and IoT penetration testing;
  • Dedicated hardware (smartcard, HSM, firewalls, etc.);
  • Home‑made communication protocols penetration testing.

Approach penetration testing methodology is based on the OSSTMM:

Pursuant to the principles of the OSSTMM, our missions may encompass the following phases (which may or may not be required, depending on the customer's needs):

  • Scope definition
  • Architecture discovery
  • Services enumeration
  • Vulnerability tests 
  • Attack scenario
  • Exploitation
  • Lateral movement to attack other systems
  • Reporting and recommendations

Our deliverable: an exhaustive report with concrete recommendations

Like all the security assessments we perform, the result is a detailed and contextualized report containing valuable recommendations to make attacks much harder (or impossible). These recommendations are rated, prioritized by criticality and cost, englobed in structural measures if possible, and formalized to be usable in compliance reports and customers’ communication. This is usually completed by a management summary section and a presentation.

Approach, your most valuable partner

Approach is one of the leading penetration testing companies in Belgium, having performed hundreds of missions for more than 15 years. Our team of ethical hackers combines the highest skills with in-depth experience.  Its members keep continuously abreast of new threats by attending conferences, writing technical papers or obtaining new certifications.

Our service offering covers the whole chain of cyber security (GRC, secure development, operational security, etc.), so our ethical hackers can also rely on the expertise of the other teams to deliver the best contextualized recommendations and not only generic ones.

Approach, your cyber security partner

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