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How can you avoid cyber and privacy breaches causing major damage to your business?

To dramatically reduce the probability of your organisation being the victim of a successful attack and minimise your compliancy risk, you need an efficient governance structure building bridges, developing collaboration and team engagement. We leverage our CISOs and DPOs to prevent security incidents and privacy breaches. We achieve this by establishing and running proven strategies, policies, programs, risk and compliance management systems.

We also use our human-centric approach to create a sustainable change in your cyber security culture and train your people to make them your best line of defence.

Prevention helps set up the most appropriate governance structure across your entire organisation and instil the security culture.

Our Solutions

Security Roadmap

Build a multi-layer security roadmap in line with your risk profile, priorities and budget.

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ISO 27001 & 27701

Implement an Information Security Management System and have it quickly certified ISO 27001.

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CISO Services

Rely on GRC expertise and rich resources to fulfil or complete the CISO function in your organisation.

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Data Protection & Privacy

Rely on our data protection experts and resources to build and maintain your GDPR compliance.

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Security Awareness

Raise the awareness of your staff to reduce the risks of a successful cyber-attack.

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Secure Development Culture

Create a secure development culture within your organisation.

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