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How to improve your resistance against cyber-attacks?

Your applications are a prime target in the modern threat landscape. You first need to minimise the attack surface of your applications and infrastructure, whether in the cloud or on-premises.  

We secure your development cycle and DevOps practices or simply build the app for you to accelerate your growth with confidence.

To strengthen your security posture in the Cloud, we provide guidance to configure the security options of your Cloud provider and encrypt your data.

When you have protected your apps and cloud, you still need to verify the identity of your users and manage their accesses. We simplify and automate your identity and access control needs by integrating appropriate digital identities and IAM solutions.

“Cybercrime continues to rise. Security is always excessive until it is not enough”

Protection helps you to ensure you become robust against cyber-attacks.

Our Solutions

Secure SDLC & DevSecOps

Learn how to create ‘secure by design’ software.

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Outsourced Secure Software Development

Outsource the development and support of your secure software to real experts.

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Web Application Firewall & Access Gateway

Implement and operate a truly effective WAF, possibly integrated with the API Gateway.

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Cloud Security

Operate securely in the Cloud with protection offered by Cloud & security providers.

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Microsoft 365 Security

Your collaborative platforms can expose your company to data breaches and cyber threats. Protect your critical data with our 4-step support.

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Digital Identity Solutions

Identify and authenticate your users using the most secure and convenient identity solutions.

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Identity & Access Management

Ensure the right people access the right resources by adding a solid IAM solution.

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Electronic Signatures

Offer a truly secure, legal and paperless experience by introducing e-signature solutions.

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