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Cybersecurity Month

01 October 2020

Humans are the best defence line by far to stop cyber-attacks or limit their impact

In an ever-digitalised world, cyber responsibility is a matter for everyone – in your job as well as in your private sphere. We want you to be aware of your key roles in cybersecurity. Let’s focus on this positive message for the October Cyber Security Month but keep it in mind every day after!  

Have you ever clicked on an email that you shouldn’t click – probably because you were focused on another task? Have you ever shared one password with your family, colleagues, friends? Get aware and trained on cyber risks is key but keep in mind the CONTEXT can influence your behaviour; your emotions (tired, stressed, confident...) can affect your attention, and may lead you to click on a phishing email. That's why we pay attention to human factors during our security awareness program. This is the most effective approach to maximize your results and reduce your phishing risks.

Fortunately, you can always:

  • Help to detect some suspicious emails 
  • Inform directly your IT or security department if you clicked on a phishing email
  • Change your vulnerable password by a 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) 
  • Share your experience with your colleagues and friends 
  • Print some visuals in your offices or home 
  • Ask for more support from cybersecurity experts and get trained thanks to simulations, games ... 

Throughout October CyberSecMonth, our HR, Finance, MarCom, Facilities, CyberSecurity, GRC people are highlighting the importance of security awareness. Join us on LinkedIn, our colleagues will address regular polls to raise security awareness across the organisation – we are curious to hear back from you! Let's share our experience all together!

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