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Why should your organisation go for ISO 27001 certification?

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14 February 2019

Second chapter written by our ISO 27001 experts: Why should your organisation go for ISO 27001 certification?


A fantastic business-enabler

Digitised (cloud) services are exposed to a broad spectrum of cyber-threats and sophisticated attacks. If inadequately addressed, the cybersecurity challenges could materially impair your business.
Your organisation obtaining a widely recognised and respected worldwide certificate such as ISO 27001 can be a fantastic business-enabler:

  • It demonstrates your level of control over data protection and compliance. The main advantage of an ISO 27001 certificate is the ability to demonstrate publicly that your organisation has defined and put in place the best-practices to support information security. The ISO 27001 certification is globally recognized and provides an accepted indication of security effectiveness, without having to disclose sensitive information. 
  • It encourages continual improvement and reduce operational costs. Being certified reduces the need for third party audits. Relying on one standard and reusable audit process increases the efficiency of your internal teams. 
  • It serves as a solid foundation for other compliance standards and requirements. One prime example comes with the General Data Protection Regulation: every organisation processing data in the European Economic Area needs to ensure their processors/sub-processors have put in place the adequate technical and organisational measures to safeguard personal data. Certifying the information security management system of your business will ease the GDPR compliance effort of your clients. 
  • And it raises security awareness across all layers of your organisation. Achieving certification is a team effort and a victory for the organisation. It’s great to federate your teams around security best practices and your organisational processes.

A powerful marketing tool generating a competitive advantage

It is also a powerful marketing tool, as a seal of quality, generating a competitive advantage. With ISO 27001 certification and an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS), you will gain greater traction with your new business prospects and speed up your sales cycle

  • Your clients will truly rely on the certification for their due diligence effort, greatly simplifying the process. In a market caught by a perfect storm of security assessments due to the regulatory inflation of these past few years, this is a great competitive advantage.
  • Your commercial team will focus on the value proposition of your business instead of dealing with endless assessments.

Why has APPROACH opted for the ISO 27001 certification?

At APPROACH, we lead by example. We apply our principles, methods and tools to ourselves first, imposing a high level of excellence. The fact that Approach has ISO 27001 certification is a demonstration of our commitment to protecting the data and information assets of our customers, partners and employees.
We are proud to be ISO 27001-certified for all our business activities, including our Security & Compliance assessment, advisory, training and coaching services.  Click here to learn more about our certification.

This article has been written by François Zöfel, Community Partner and David Vanderoost, CEO Approach.



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