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Approach partners with SOCIALware to provide affordable cyber security services

10 February 2022

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SOCIALware, a local organisation, is steering an initiative to provide Belgian and Luxemburg non-profit associations with affordable access to IT services and solutions.

Launched in 2007, SOCIALware equips its members with the necessary technology to best achieve their mission and increase their impact. Through partnerships with recognised brands and professionals, the objective is to offer organisations in need of access to a multitude of software and materials at low or no cost.

As well as providing non-profits with the correct tools to accomplish their goals, the association also grants its members access to a number of IT related services from experts in their fields.

Conscious of the cyber security challenges we are all facing today, Approach has decided to partner with SOCIALware to offer its services at competitive prices to all member organisations in need of our expertise.

“For Belgian non-profits to achieve their goals, they need to focus their resources and attention on their mission and often other aspects such as their cyber resilience are overlooked. We are pleased to offer these associations access to some key cyber security services at a reasonable price.” explains David Vanderoost, CEO, Approach.

Approach will provide SOCIALware’s members with access to the following services:

  • Security Posture and Risk assessments
  • Phishing Test Simulations
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
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