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Cyber security: a core element of defence strategies

29 February 2024

As geopolitical tensions rise, cyber security has become a key element of defence strategies. Approach Cyber is helping to strengthen cyber defences in both national and European contexts, responding to the urgent need for advanced defences in a time of global instability.

Emphasis on interoperability

The need for interoperable cyber defence technologies is crucial for effective collaboration within European militaries. This requirement, emphasised by officials such as Belgian Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder, is central to a unified European defence strategy, with interoperability in cyberspace a key focus.

Strategic developments: Cyber Command and the STAR Plan

Significant developments, including the establishment of Cyber Command in Belgium and the European Commission's Cyber Defence Strategy, mark progress in strengthening cyber defence capabilities. The STAR Plan, which sets out a strategic vision up to 2030, emphasises the integration of industry expertise to create a cyber resilience force, highlighting collaboration between the defence sector and industry.

Approach Cyber's contribution

Approach Cyber is taking part by supporting these strategic initiatives, fostering partnerships with industry leaders to enhance cyber defence capabilities. Through its involvement in projects and forums, Approach Cyber is dedicated to advancing cyber security solutions tailored to the defence and military aerospace sectors.

For a clear overview of the integration of cyber defence into defence planning, read the full article (in French) "Cyber à la Défense. Approach cyber dans les plans nationaux et Européens de la Défense".

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