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Hacknowledge partnership announcement

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10 May 2021

It is no longer a question of if but when cyber threats will strike against you. Nowadays, the time before intrusion detection - without appropriate tools and expertise - is over 100 days. In that time, a hacker’s actions can generate disastrous consequences.

Thanks to our new partnership with Hacknowledge, Belgian organisations can now benefit from our local, pragmatic and scalable Managed Security Operations Services to answer their cyber security needs.

"Hacknowledge and Approach share the same result oriented and pragmatic sense of cyber security. Client Proximity and culture are key to improve cyber security and, with Approach, we are really thrilled to start working with Belgian customers" explains Paul Such, CEO of Hacknowledge.

How can we protect you?

Approach joins forces with Hacknowledge, a Swiss-made company, leader in the cyber security service provider market, to provide you with the best Managed Detection and Response services:

  1. We monitor and detect cyber threats and unwanted intrusions 24/7 from the Hacknowledge SOCs located in Switzerland and Luxemburg.
  2. You will be alerted only when the threats represent a real risk for your organisation thanks to our joint threat intelligence capabilities.
  3. Our local Cyber Security Incident Response Team respond quickly together with your team to limit the impact of any attacks.
  4. Our Belgian Blue Team provide clear regular activity reports, trending and ongoing actions and collaborate with you to advise on the best short-term and long-term recommendations to continuously improve your security posture against an ever-changing threat landscape.

“By combining the Hacknowledge detect and respond capabilities with our 20 years' cyber security expertise, we are not just providing a technical solution but a real best-in-class service instead: when experiencing a breach or problem, our experts will help you make the right decisions” explains Laurent Deheyer, Director at Approach.

This fully managed service means you can focus on your core business and our team takes care of your cyber security challenges.

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Why should you need a managed detection & response service?

The risk has never been greater, and no one is immune: cyber threats are more numerous, more sophisticated, more targeted, more innovative than ever.

The average dwell time (or time before intrusion detection) - without appropriate tools and expertise - is over 100 days. In that time, a hacker’s actions can generate disastrous consequences.

Is your team available 24/7 to effectively monitor your IT environment for potential threats and breaches to detect them earlier?  Is your team capable to respond to real attacks? For most businesses, the answer is no. The cost and investment in time and resources is simply too high for this to be a realistic option. But we now have the answer to support your challenges.

What makes our managed detect & respond services unique?

For Laurent Deheyer, Director at Approach: “our unique offer comes from our ability to deliver a high standard full managed SOC service adapted to the Belgian market with a guaranteed local presence from real experts to coordinate activities as well as access to cutting-edge technology. The combination of Hacknowledge’s experience in the Swiss market combined with our proximity and understanding of your company culture are key for successful integration.”
  • Our scalable offer allows us to meet your needs without ever compromising on quality. We adapt our services based on your business needs and risks and you only pay for what matters the most.
  • With our headquarters in Belgium and data centres in Luxemburg and Switzerland, you can rest assured that we are handling your data in accordance with EU regulations such as GDPR. Your data stays in Europe!
  • Our local team of experts are available to support you quickly when needed and provide you with short- and long-term recommendations to continuously improve your security posture. Client Proximity and Culture are key to manage your cyber security and quickly face any cyber threats to limit the impact.
  • Your business is protected and managed by cyber security experts working in partnership with you. Both companies are ISO 27001 certified.

Who is Hacknowledge?

Hacknowledge – ranked in the Top 10 SOCs in the world during the SOCX championships –is a pure player in managed detection and response services, who provide an innovative approach to shorten the time between intrusion and detection of cyber threats. Instead of relying only on log-correlation, their custom sensors generate strong Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) that enable them to be far more effective in detecting security breaches while reducing costs.

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