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ISO 27001: How to ensure a successful and fast certification?

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26 November 2019

More than 150 enthusiastic participants enjoyed our ISO 27001 sessions in 2019!   Want to launch such a project and need some advices?  Please find below some useful information we shared during our sessions.

Download our ISO 27001 presentation to get a better view on: 
- Why getting certified now? 
- What are the benefits and pitfalls that you could encounter during an ISO 27001 certification project? 
- How to ensure a successful ISO 27001 certification project?

Approach brings more than 15 years of experience with advising and implementing Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), ISO standards and risk management frameworks.

We have led or contributed to many ISO 27001 projects towards success for organisations ranging from start-ups to the largest institutions, across all industries.

Learn more about our ISO 27001 Fast-Track Solutions!

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