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With Tehtris, our SOC is now equipped with the best technology to detect & neutralise cyber-attacks

20 December 2021

After rigorous testing in our CyberLab and several successful Proof of Value with customers, our SOC team unanimously adopts Tehtris’ fully automated XDR (eXtended Detection and Response) solution. Tehtris has won several international awards and certifications for the best real-time threat detection and response solution.

With Tehtris, our SOC offers the most efficient answer to detect & neutralise complex and sophisticated cyber-attacks such as ransomware, cyber sabotage and espionage.

With our automated system, our SOC analysts are well equipped to detect and swiftly neutralise the attacks against all of your endpoints, infrastructures and cloud services.  
Indeed, with the help of artificial intelligence and automation, our SOC analysts spare a lot of time and energy on performing high value activities, such as pro-active threat hunting and investigation, that will reinforce your cyber defence strategies and cyber resilience.

Our joint collaboration, the perfect match to protect Belgian and European organisations.

How does Approach’s offer combine perfectly with Tehtris’ XDR platform to best serve our customers?

Approach provides competencies and specialist skills in cyber security and a proximity with our customers and pragmatic and cost-efficient approach.

“In Tehtris, we found the ideal partner to supply the best SOC services to our local market.” begins Laurent Deheyer, Approach SOC Director.

 “Whether you are an SMB or a large enterprise, you are facing the same cyber security challenges, and you need a solution that provides fast and efficient detection as well as fully automated threat neutralisation on your IT systems. The Tehtris XDR platform is scalable, can be quickly deployed and adapted to your needs, budget, and infrastructure, and compatible with your existing traditional security protection such as anti-malware.” continues Laurent.

The Tehtris solution provides a unified dashboard for our SOC, integrating threat intelligence with machine learning and includes solutions to collect the telemetry from your IT ecosystem. It is the perfect weapon to fight against the adversaries.

“We believe that our technology combined with Approach’s expertise provides a strong, cost-effective solution. Together, we provide the Belgian market with the best defence tools and resilience against cyber-attacks. Our solution answers an urgent need, but it is just one step to achieve cyber resilience. With Approach your organisation can rest assured you are efficiently supported in this challenge.” says Jean-Yves Debaillon-Vesque, VP Sales Europe, Tehtris.

How to get started?

The process is quite simple:

  1. As a first step, we quickly and easily install the Tehtris EDR agents into your infrastructure, endpoints and server, on a broad spectrum of supported OS (Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac). Your assets are immediately protected.
  2. Our SOC team provides you with quick-win actions and recommendations based on these first findings.
  3. As the solution continues to log more information, our SOC team continuously finetunes your detection and response roadmap with enhanced solutions including SIEM, Deceptive Response, Mobile protection, …
Why aren’t ransomware and cyber espionage attacks stopped by an antivirus?

Today, most, if not all, companies have an antivirus software in place to protect their endpoints. But the number of successful attacks is still growing, we can see it daily in the news.  Why? As the digital world continues to evolve, the attacks evolve too, and hackers are using malicious techniques that can disable or slip under the radar of traditional antiviruses. Our SOC services based on Tehtris’ technology are the perfect solution to tackle these challenges.

Who is Tehtris?

European expert in protection against cyber espionage and cyber sabotage since 2010, TEHTRIS is the world leader in intelligent software for the automatic detection & neutralisation of cyber-attacks and malicious behaviour.

TEHTRIS publishes the only European XDR (eXtended Detection Response) platform and the only natively coded platform in the world, known for its hyper-automation.

TEHTRIS is referenced by GARTNER as a supplier of mobile security in a UES (Unified Endpoint Security) - Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense - 03/29/21 offer, and the only "reference supplier of XDR (eXtended Detection & Response)” of the European Union referenced in the Market Guide for Extended Detection and Response published by analysts Craig Lawson, Peter Firstbrook, Paul Webber on November 8, 2021.

Find out more about Tehtris

Who is Approach?

Approach is a pure-play cyber security and privacy firm.

For more than 20 years, we have been building trust in the cyberspace and helping our clients deal with cyber-attacks, incidents and breaches.

We offer 360-degree solutions to improve your cyber resilience: anticipate, prevent, protect, detect, respond and recover.

We provide tailored and local services matching your needs: consulting and audit services, training and awareness, security technology implementation and development services, and outsourced Managed Security Services thanks to our own Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Approach is a scaleup company with a team of a hundred people spread across several sites in Belgium and Switzerland. Our company is ISO 27001 certified and ISO27701 verified. Approach has received the label: Cybersecurity Made in Europe ™.

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