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Why compliance monitoring is critical for your business? 

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06 March 2018

Why compliance monitoring is critical for your business? 


  • Organisations are digitising their operations whilst working with more partnerships, M&A and 3rd party suppliers.  The new ecosystem paradigm increases the risk of data leakage
  • At the same time, regulations are increasing dramatically, with GDPR, AML, PSD2, and PCI forcing business not only to implement compliance programs, but also to be able demonstrate their compliance
  • As a result, the market is expecting more from organisations.  In order to remain competitive or gain new market share, companies are required to comply with a number of norms, such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS or ISO 22301. 

This makes the work of a compliance officer or a CISO much more complex than it used to be.  These specialists need to be able to manage these new business needs efficiently while also enhancing their transparency to auditors. 

As such, we believe that compliance and risk management nowadays should be a business process that is as important as accounting, operations or finance. 


Our Approach to deliver a highly valuable compliance assistance service

  • Knowledge: our certified consultants work in various industries with small-to-large businesses that have different business needs.  This intelligence continously feeds our assessment and monitoring platform, which is then shared across all of our customers. 
  • Norms and standards: our solution, based on standards such as ISO and CMMI, ensures that we deliver a solution that is understood by everyone, recognised and auditable.
  • Technology: our offering is powered by IntegrityGRC, a SaaS platform that builds a seamless bridge between strategy, operation and compliance, resulting in much more effective and efficient information security and data protection practices. 
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